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3 years ago. Petrea volubilis #flowers #lavendul. 13. 2. 5 years ago  Varför inte något exotic såsom PETREA VOLUBILIS. Underbar snabbväxande buske som klättrar.

Petrea volubilis

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Also known as the ‘Purple wreath’, and with its masses of hanging indigo blue flowers it Petrea volubilis The violet blooms of Petrea volubilis are filling the canopy of the Glasshouse corridor. Climbing to 12m in height this twining woody climber produces arching panicles of flowers, each with a small, deeply coloured, central corolla sitting in 5 paler petal-like calyx lobes. 2020-08-17 · Petrea Petrea Species P. volubilis - P. volubilis is a tender, vigorous, twining, semi-evergreen climber with branching stems bearing rough, elliptic, dark green leaves, paler beneath, and, from spring into summer, sometimes again in autumn, erect or arching panicles of small, salver-form, purple flowers with prominent, lilac calyxes. Petrea volubilis is a shrub or liana native to the Americas, often grown as an ornamental in the tropics and subtropics due to its attractive blue flowers. Although it has a long history of cultivation, there is insufficient evidence to consider the species as naturalized and invasive where introduced.

The name sandpaper vine refers to the texture of the plant's leaves which are stiff and feel, as the name suggests, like sandpaper. Petrea Volubilis is one of the most distinct and beautiful of the cultivated climbers.

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Petrea volubilis. Petrea volubilis. Family Name: Verbenaceae.

Petrea volubilis

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Petrea volubilis

Petrea volubilis (Petrea, purple wreath) Botanical name: Petrea volubilis; Common name(s): Petrea, purple wreath; Categories: Climbers and Creepers; Plant description: A showy creeper once it gets going, but it needs strong support and assistance with … Petrea volubilis. Family: Verbenaceae. Common name: Purple Wreath, Sandpaper Vine . The ideal substitute for Wisteria in the tropics and subtropics, Petrea volubilis is regarded as the best blue flowering climber for the climate.. Native to Central America (Mexico to Panama) and the West Indies, this plant belongs to a genus that includes a range of climbers, trees and shrubs. Petrea volubilis (Queen's Wreath) - An evergreen clambering and twining vine that in Central America can grow to great heights with support (25-40 feet) but in cultivation is more often seen as a espalier subject or a smaller vine though plants to 20 feet have been noted in Southern California.

How to plant and care for Queen’s-wreath (Petrea volubilis) August 10, 2018 0. Queen’s-wreath grows as an evergreen and is a flower / ornamental.
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Genus: Petrea. Petrea volubilis (large form) Giant Queen's Wreath Vine A natural variation in the species of P. volubilis with larger flower clusters, leaves.
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It looks somewhat similar to a tropical Wisteria. It is a fast-growing woody vine with a grey bark, a strong climber, and will attain great height and cover a considerable area if left unpruned. Shrub, small tree or woody climber to 13 m tall. Morphology Leaves. Leaves 3–21 × 1.4–10.6 cm, oblong or elliptic, obtuse or shortly acuminate, entire but ± undulate on the margin, coriaceous, rather scabrid on both surfaces, nerves prominent; petiole 4–13 mm long. Morphology Reproductive morphology Inflorescences. How to plant and care for Queen’s-wreath (Petrea volubilis) August 10, 2018 0.

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Genus. Petrea. Species. Petrea volubilis L. Notes.

Multiple Plants Exporters. March 18 at 12:44 AM. Do as you can: Multiple Plants Exporters. March 8 at 11:46 PM. We are here to provide the quality Hämta det här Petrea Volubilis I Blommande fotot nu. Och sök i iStocks bildbank efter fler royaltyfria bilder med bland annat Avkoppling-foton för snabb och enkel hämtning.